Starting problem with K12

I'm new to this forum and, while iv used some of the advice off it before, this is my first post.
Iv a 2003 k12 1 litre Micra.

I had to fix something inside the dash, on the circuit board for the main dials (Speedo, revs, fuel) for the NCT (Irish MOT). I put it back together afterwards and put all back into the car, turned the car on and the dials weren't moving.
Took all back out, looked it over, all back in and now we get to the problem, the car won't start.
Haven't had an issue like this with this car before, it's always started on the button.
Tried a jump start, checked the fuses, checked all the other connectors around the ignition switch, no success.

So now I'm worried iv somehow caused the car to immobilise itself? The first time I had the console out and back in the car started as usual.

Any advice?