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Stani's Micra Turbo


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decided to start a proper blog so here it is, hopefully it will stay clean :glare:

heres when i first bought the car back in january 2009, cost me £550 and travelled to birmingham to pick it.




the next day i made a start on the bodywork as it was booked in for a half re-spray, a pic of the new and old micra


once the super-s bumpers and spoiler were fitted the car went for its spray and 2 weeks later i got it back and on that day i fitted my spax coilovers and new alloys so here it is




from there on i was doing little things like, wind deflectors, window tints, bonnet lifters and raisers


and then big things like turbo it


fast car magazine



then the three months that engine lasted i i decided to change the wheels and go for grey/black sleeper look





banzai magazine



so with that engine in the bin, i soon had another rebuilt with what i called it "the experiment engine", it consisted of a few internal changes, this soon melted a piston (2 days). so off the road the car went as i thought it needed a facelift and obviously another engine. work began within a week where i had the bumper cut out to let more air into the intercooler, a new bonnet, some flush bonnet pins, and another "experiment engine" this time with the cga inlet/fuel rail setup.





the car was then up and running and put back into the body shop for a part re-spray again and it come home like this!


then fitted the bonnet reg plate and sprayed the inside of the headlights


the latest engine failed within a week due to lack of it being setup so it was time to get serious....i eventually got my own lock-up and work started once more. engine out, stripped down had a serious thought of what to do with it (still not forged) and i got a local place called engine resource to build it for me.

this time i decided to fit a hybrid t3 to it this time, got one for free and i bought a rebuild kit for it and rebuilt it, also had the gearbox reconditioned while it was out. so with all the parts back they were soon fitted. decided to go all out so took everypart of the interior out, fitted some cobra bucket seats and sparco harnesses, a better look steering wheel, plastic windows/sunroof, toyo r888's, and little engine bay mods.







i had it on the road and after 1 day disaster struck, i ran a drunk guy over who walked out infront of my car!

only windscreen and bonnet damage occured so i soon had the windscreen fixed and got 800 miles done before the mot and tax run out at the end of december 2009. the car is now back to the lock-up where ive fitted its new bonnet and started to take off the standard inlet to swap for the cga once more. ive now bought an omex 600 ecu and the plan is to get the boot and bonnet re-sprayed and then down to paisley to have the ecu fitted and mapped.


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have you got all the whiteline kit on there now when i had mine on it was unstopable quite a few people were well supprised how quick it was round corners etc


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cheers guys, jim i dont have the roll bars. once its setup and the bonnet/boot are sprayed ill probably get them as i can see me taking it round knockhill :D

also got myself a front strut brace just yesterday. cheers mikey ;)


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yea manny the piping goes from the turbo to one side of the intercooler and from the other side to the throttle body mate


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getting no-where with this sadly, purely because the car has not mot/tax/insurance. and ive been told not to work on the car where its stored as ive had complaints!! no rush though eh? ;)


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Looks like an interesting build Stani. Dyou have any more info from the build? What turbo did you use?

Sorry to hear progress has stopped for the time being!


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yeah its council jim, the place where my lock-up is there are alot of old people about there. i dont make much noise or leave any mess but obviously thats not good enough. i think somebody thinks im using it to make money when im clearly not. however im not bothered and once settled into my new flat ill see how the funds are and hopefully rent a proper place that can fit 2-3 cars and that has electricity in there :)

and collision the turbo is a t04e exhaust end with t3 inlet fully rebuilt with 360 degree thrust bearing. hopefully things will go well and i can have it up and down the 1/4 again in no time!


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ok im currently looking for injectors and the set im maybe going to buy is: 315cc/min @ 3bar and 14.5ohms. can comeone confirm that these will be more than enough :)


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All Nissan Side feed injectors are high impedence
The GTIR 444cc injectors are low impedence
1-99 USDM SR20DE = 259 cc side feed
00-02 USDM SR20DE RR = top feed

U12, U13, W10 and W11 SR20DET = 370 cc side feed
Pulsar GTIR SR20DET = 444 cc top feed

S13 and S14 RWD SR20DET =370 cc side feed
S15 RWD SR20DET = 444 cc side feed

SR20VET = 444cc top feed
SR20VE 20V = 350cc top feed

Side Feed Injectors

23 cc = 16 WHP
46 cc = 31 WHP
93 cc = 63 WHP
139 cc = 94 WHP
185 cc = 125 WHP * Pink GA16
231 cc = 156 WHP
259 cc = 175 WHP * Red SR20DE
278 cc = 187 WHP
324 cc = 218 WHP
333 cc = 226 WHP * Grey SR20VE
---------------------------------------------333 cc @ 4 bar = 261 WHP
370 cc = 250 WHP * Purple SR20DET
---------------------------------------------370 cc @ 4 bar = 290 WHP
416 cc = 281 WHP
444 cc = 299 WHP * Brick Brown SR20DET ( S15 )
---------------------------------------------444 cc @ 4 bar = 345 WHP
462 cc = 312 WHP
509 cc = 342 WHP
555 cc = 373 WHP * Yellow
---------------------------------------------555 cc @ 4 bar = 423 WHP
601 cc = 405 WHP * Yellow Tomei
---------------------------------------------601 cc @ 4 bar = 457 WHP
647 cc = 436 WHP
692 cc = 468 WHP
740 cc = 500 WHP * Red
---------------------------------------------740 cc @ 4 bar = 580 WHP
850 cc = 570 WHP SARD
---------------------------------------------850 cc @ 4 bar = 660 WHP

Nissan Top Feed Injectors

350cc = 275 WHP * Green SR20VE 20V P12
444cc = 299 WHP * Yellow RNN14 GTIR
444cc = 299 WHP * Yellow SR20VET


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you lot are the toppers!!!!!!!!!!!
i would love to keep my color but also darken up a bit-----into the candy style


regarding the council... arse! and the car.... yummy! one of the very few k11's i would love to sit in (Y) well done!


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nothing at the moment, waiting till i get back to work to earn loadsa money so i can find a more suitable place to put the car and begin work on it again. theres not alot to be done, just change inlet manifold for coilpack one, wrap the intercooler piping, respray bonnet and get the omex fitted!


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i dont know if its worth it to you but we have 2 very well knowing RR/tuners in the north east who can fit and map standalone ecu's one uses omex & hawk quight a lot too, give them a look motorscope and turboPACS durham (Y)


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thats good to hear then, he sounds very confident about what he can do. its just money at the moment but theres all the time in the world :D


Looks like your hard breaking, lol.

Anyway just been looking through and you Micra looks & sounds the Dogs. Is there any vids?