Stalled, won't start. Crankshaft sensor?

:mad: My Y Reg 2001 1L stalled just after adding fuel and driving about a quarter of a mile from the filling station. Then I couldn't get it started again. Called the RAC and neither could they. There was plenty of battery power and the engine was turning over OK. The RAC towed the car to a Motor Engineers repair shop that I know. Having inspected the car they say it's the crankshaft sensor that's at fault and have ordered one for the car. I haven't spoken with them as yet to find out if the part has cured the problem. I wonder, has anyone else has had the same sort of problem and replaced the crankshaft sensor? :(
That or the mass air flow sensor. They are known to go and can get them for under 20 quid on the bay, mine wouldnt ideal untill i fitted a new one, also had no revs.


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I had 2 types of failures that stoped the engine from starting, one was the dizzy (optical sensor circuit) and the other was the MAF. You can make a self-test on the ECU by joining 2 wires on the Consult Port...
:) Thanks for the info. Phoned the engineers yesterday, Tuesday 13th. They say they have had problems but the car is now running and will have to be run up and checked again on the 14th. Will keep you all updated as we progress.o_O
:) Picked my car up from Linguard Motor Engineers, Northchurch, Herts, today, Saturday 17th at around 11:00 am, although the car had been ready for collection from Wednesday 14th. Drove the car home about 6 miles and she ran as sweet as a nut. Part fitted a timing sensor cost £46.24 inc VAT, plus labour. For anyone interested I will keep you updated for if there are any further ignition problems with the car. :cool: