SRS Airbag Left Passenger seat Fault B1134 (Open) - Airbag light stays on.

Hi all,
After years of having my airbag light stay on, and trying the key trick to put it into diagnostic mode taking it to Nissan to clear the code at a cost of £140, just so it can passMOT, the flashing light is back. So I bought an easydiag Blue tooth diagnostic tool, downloaded paid app onto my ipad and found the problem to be B1134 open circuit under passenger seat.

Right now for the nitty gritty. There are two plugs under the passenger seat. The brown is plugged in to a socket coming from the seat but the white is left loose. I "stripped" the passenger seat looking for the other cable to plug the white one into - nothing. Of course I had compared it to the drivers side and there are two cables there one for the brown and the white which seeks to come from the side of the seat closer to the centre console. So I'm wondering:

1. Is this standard that the white one is free. Could members check under their passenger seats and update me please?

2. I read about resistors to "Close" the circuit. I need more information/links on that. Googled it but need to be sure.

3. Instead of resistors what would happen I cut the white plug off and joined the two wires together?

Before attempting anything, I'm checking here, so all or any advice is appreciated. Thanks
Yep, I havd a white connector under my passenger seat that doesn't hook up with anything ;)

My airbag warning light starts flashing fairly regularly, Nissan didn't charge £140 to clear it for me the first time though :eek: (£30)
Do uou have a 3 door by any chance?
Have you tried resetting it yourself?
Yes I have a 3 door. Reset it a number of times. Did the key thing initially. Then used "Launch EasyDiag" a bluetooth connector that works of the software downloaded to Ipad. That was what told me it was B1134. Fault always returns after a few days. Recently after about 10 mins. Just Cleaned out the connectors with WD40 and cleared code. Haven't driven it yet. Will see tomorrow.
Update - Left the brown plug unplugged for 24 hours after spraying it with WD40. connected it last night and cleared code. Drove about 60 miles today (urban, motor way and bumpy roads) so far light has remained off.
Excellent, fingers crossed that's done the trick ;)

The 3 door and 5 door models have the same loom under the seat for the airbag (A Nissan engineer told me this once)
....of course the 5 doors front seat doesn't slide back and forth in the same manner as the 3 door, causing it to jar/tug the cable <_<

Last week I had a large tv in the back of the car, but to lay it down safely the gent I bought it from moved the passengers seat for acess *facepalm*, I've had to re-set it 3 times since the 3rd time I actually had a look at the cable and checked the connector, it had been loose :p

....still trying to figure out what the white cable does...heated seats maybe? :D
Hi Thanks for the information. Another day of driving and it has remained off. Not celebrating yet. The white one is plugged in the Drivers side and not the passenger side. o_O Also to note was that the entire plug system was lying on the carpet before. I've since clipped it back onto the metal part under the seat. Also the seat hasn't been moved since I did all of this. Beginning to think it is the rough sliding of the seat forward and back into position and the loose cable as the possible fault.
Hi, I’m having the same problem as above but I have the 5 door. Wires hanging loose on floor under passenger seat, nothing plugged into white, brown plugged in but laying on floor. Should the white be plugged into a sensor? Weight sensor of some sort I’m reading?