SR20DE Red Top

Yup selling my engine as got a diffrent one which is a secret.

The red top was running in a primera egt before being taken out but has sat for about a year now in a shed and about 3 of those months attached to my car outside during the summer.

It comes ONLY with a dizzy and header, clutch and flywheel but can supply the box and ecu also if full price is met.

Asking £120 for job lot....can send on pallet or you can collect from cornwall

Yeah i know what it means, its just he says it has det internals. The 'D' meaning DOC no? Id count cam(s) as an internal to be honest
Common sense dictates he won't be putting twin cams in a sohc engine :)

Internal in my eyes is everything to do with the combustion chamber the rest being external :)