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Sr Track/Rally project!

Hi guys been quite on here for a while now, I used to compete in the Formula1000 Junior rally championship and have now moved up to a ford fiesta r2 rally car in the British Rally Championship, however the Micra bug remains!

So in April me and a couple of friends from Uni decided to go in on a Micra Sr as I had some bits left over from my old one junior car!

We started with a 1.3 Sr car with 118k on the car, it cost us £400 and had a good amount of tax and MOT on it. We drove up from London to Manchester to pick it up!


- We got it to the yard and began stripping it down! Absolutely everything is being gutted! The heater matrix included!


-We stripped the dash and cut back everything which was unnecessary, as you can see it is ready for flocking but we haven’t got round to it.


-Had a nice sabelt steering wheel left over from a Fiesta St which went perfectly!

-Fitted bonnet pins!


-The project took a little break through summer and not a lot was done however, recently we have been collecting parts and got underway with stripping all the underseal off and purchased a safety devices roll cage thanks to Tristan Dodd the formula 1000 co-ordinator.


-We found the best and least painstaking method of stripping the sound deadening to be lightly heating it with a heat gun and using a knife to carve it off! This proved very effective.


-We lightened the Bonnet and boot and progressed to spray up some of the rusty bonnet with some matt black paint we had already!



The finish is ok for now but still needs a few ore coats of paint!

We also have a 4 branch manifold and full Peter Lloyd system on the car but a recent crank seal oil leak has meant that the engine bay is a mess so no image!

However, I have brought an engine that has been fully overhauled and “blueprinted” and was used in the rally first BTRDA 1.4 class, the engine arrived the other day with a Ed fusion simplified ECU I believe, can you confirm the work done on the ECU ED? As well as this a fully reconded gearbox with a 3 plate clutch!


The aim Is to start the engine swap Friday and get the cage welded in so will update you further.

Here are a few videos of it in its early stages.

Also car is running AVO suspension but im not happy with it at the moment and may need some help as to why it’s not working like it should be!

Hope you enjoy!


Got her weighed on the weighbridge today! Weighs 720kg at the moment still loads to take out yet too! pretty pleased!

Bucket seats are here and wheels and interior has been sprayed more pics to follow!