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squarepants phase 1 white saxo vtr


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well i said i would never go french agian :lol: this ended up beeing up forsale in birmingham when i was browsing for somthing faster. ended up going to have a look, handing over £600 and then found myself driving it home.

now i brought this standard-ish the start of last month.. so heres a spec.

1.6 vtr, 77thou, iam the 3rd owner.

k&n 57i kit (came on the car, i wouldve kept the standard filter but cba to change it)
powerflow stianless cat back exhaust (off my blue sax)
raceland stianless 4 branch exhaust mani

short throw shifter
momo knob
vts rear bench (split folding and headrests)
infinity front speakers
pioneer rear speakers
mutant sub and amp with expensive compition wiring.
crappy jvc cd player

de-lockded outside of the doors
de-door pinned inside
de-wiperd rear
de-rear washer jet
de-3rd brake light (it actually fell off lol)
blacked headlights
blacked fog lights (also de-capped)
blacked front indictors
painted front badge
black rear badges
106 wing mirrors
small aireal
clear side repetors
phase 2 rear lights (not smoked like phase 1 lights)

suspension & wheels
35mm front
standard rear (needs going down a notch so its 35ish like the front)
306 d-turbo brush painted wheels lol

also got my vtr wheels painted in white but i need some tyres on the front as ive killed my falkens :(

anyways engough rant photossss...

the last pic is the latest...

iam ready for a spanked bum :p


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TRAITOR! .... if i ever had a saxo it would be like yours... not with mahoosive bumpers and six exhausts....



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its a clean one
whats the drive feel like?
compaired to a micra there not as comfy. the seats and stuff are but the actual drive is bumpy. they handle ok once lowerd, but standard ride there all over the road. i find them very messy tbh.

uncomfy driving postion aswell lol.


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A vts is much quicker!! And probably cheaper! Tis clean though!!!
yeh my mates got a vts, alot quicker...old ones are cheap but they are fubared. 98 onwards still cost more than vtrs :suspect: insureance is silly money aswell! they wanted over 3grand!


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their should be a vote before people can buy other type cars! cant just leave the k11 like that
or should be a fine or something at least


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lol..ive owned another 5cars since my k11 :p i do miss it and plan on buying a primera GT in future :)


painted my 106 mirrors, because i only found out yesterday that mirror backs dont fit my type of mirrors :(... you carnt tell that they dont have mirror backs until you get close :) happy engough with the result

& fitted my rear wiper with 406 arm. because de-wiper is chav...but i supose so is my car :p