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squarepants 106 gti build thread.


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ok so i've gone french agian....

i brought this tidy little 1.1 phase 1 106 as a base because the shell is clean from rust. i paid £250 for it with tax n test and its coverd 80thou...

i know its been chaved up but the shell is the important bit.

the base car:

then i brought this for £400. ph2 gti 1.6 16v (for those who dont know, these make around 125bhp as standard, 0-60 in 7.5) this has done 100thou, but the shell is rotten. passanger footwell has gone through, inner wings and boot floor... has had a hard life as it was used on track by the previous owner (used to have a cage fitted but was removed before i brought it)

the donor car:


  • rear axle has no play
  • 4 branch manifold
  • newman phase 3 highlift cams
  • apprently its around 150bhp
  • gti kit
  • ph2 front and rear ends
  • cobra moneco bucket seats with sparco harness
  • lowerd 60mm rear & 40mmfront
  • powerflow stainless de-cat back system
  • sunroof has been plated over
  • ph2 interior

i think iam around 60percent finished this build and its only been 2 weeks!

current spec on the 1.1:
  • gti leather fitted
  • ph2 dash and carpet and trims etc
  • gti engine fitted
  • gti full interior and engine loom
  • gti fuel pump
  • gti boot
  • gti rear bumper
  • gti drivers door
  • exhaust
  • ph2 rear lights
  • 1.3 ph1 rallye gearbox
  • gti side skirts and wheel arches
  • ph2 bottem arms, antiroll bar and front struts

probs done more but i forget, only need to remove the axle and passanger door off the gti now and that can go for scrap.

anyway pics:

dan :)


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iam turning the phase 1 into a gti, so yearh its fake. as its will be an M-reg gti, and they never made one.


I WILL be back...
Nice build mate (Y). Secretly a fan of the Phase 2 GTis, and I just love the idea of putting that awesome engine in the oldschool Phase 1 body. Looking forward to another update now :grinning:


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Cor blimey, that can't have been an easy job!

All declared on insurance? ;)
most of it is straight forward, theres a few things the phase 1 shell doesnt have over the phase 2, so some stuff needs doctoring :p

it will be all insured yes :)
nice work there mate(Y) ive had a lot off pugs mainly 205's and a couple of 309's i once converted a 1.4xs 205 to a 1.6gti a couldn't believe how easy the conversion was did it in 2days on the front on double yellow lines :laugh: i got some funny looks off the police and told an irritating traffic warden to do one lol. had some real fun in that car as well lift off over steer crazy lol. i only converted it cause i snapped the alloy part above the sump on the TU engine and when i went to the scrap yard i seen a gti so i thought why not lol.


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heres an update :)

rear axle removed, ready for disc one to go on... also got some powerflex axle bushes to fit. got to burn the standard ones out though. also have to make new brakes pipes as the drum axle doesnt have a brake compensator and the disc axle does.



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well, fitted my new struts and discs, but run into another problem as the brake lines run a diffrent way on a phase 1, so the ph1 lines touch the roll bar link rods on lock, so had to get some ph2 brake line brackets, just need to make front and rear lines up now :)

fianlly got my powerflex axle bushes in....never agian do i want todo this, standard ones are a nightmare to remove!

painted my mirror backs back to the standard cherry red as pugeot intended

brought a few more bits :)

set of rallye steels with studs and centre caps (good jobs because caps go for £30 as there rare-ish) have all good nangkang tyres on.

omp lower strut brace it was bent, but knocked it back out with the hammer so it didnt touch my gearbox or engine lol. chances are its gonna hit somthing and bend again as they always do.

sparco upper strut brace

powerflex lower engine mount

brought a pair of second hand struts with 50mm lowering springs

ebay £6 special areo wipers :p

106 gti/206 aireal

new boot lock badge (standard one)

brought a secondhand cat for the MOT

exhaust fitting kit (springs and what not for my manifold > cat)



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got loads of work done yesterday, axle fitted, brake lines made, fittd handbrake and other odd bits... got a few issues though:

rear caliper bleed nipple snapped, so if i carnt fit a new nipple its a new calipers :(

handbrake cable no good (i brought 1 new one, wish i had brought a pair now lol)

pass side rear caliper wants freeing up abit

drivers side rear hub, 2 threads for the wheel nuts are kanckerd (i have already brought a hub for the pass side because it had the same problem grrrr)

so that should be all the problems sorted. unless i run into more when the car is on the road.

got few bits to fit, and do my fluids and shes done :)

some pictures:

note, my home made rear tow strap ;) seat belt yo!


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fitted my raceland upper strut brace today, very tight fit, centemeters from touching the bonnet! lol

fitted my new rear boot handle badge. i could have had any color i wanted. but decided to stick with the standard black background and chrome badge :) oem FTW :p

made a front tow strap also.

oh and i removed my 16v badge off the inlet ;) went abit deep with hacksaw tho, so needs a smudge of filller.