Speeduino on cg10

Panos Ex
I'd also been looking at the Seafox for diy-efi, what sensors have you rigged up? I've been trying to see if the dizzy signal can be used, from what i've found out it runs a similar output to Daihatsu so you can use that setting, or change the trigger wheel in the dizzy to something like this https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/hardware/nissan-trigger-disc/
I tried with the stock distributor but i ended u rigging a custom cam sensor on a stock distributor with a 24-1 missing tooth wheel . As for the sensors , i use the stock coolant temp sensor , a bosch air temp sensor and a tiny wideband board with a Ntk sensor . I am using the map sensor on the board with a vaccum line where the charcoal canister used to be . Also i am using NGK R8 coils .
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