Speedometer, fuel and temp gauge not working - 1.0 Nissan Micra 2000

I have been struggling with this for a few days now, my aunty died and I am trying to sell her car for her daughter and the speedometer and fuel and petrol gauge do not work.

Every time I disconnect the battery and start it again the petrol gauge comes on right up to the top and then soon goes back down and doesnt work.

Possibly an earth problem?

Anyone any ideas, much appreciated!!
hey sorry to revive an old thread but I have the same problem. I have no speedometer fuel gauge or temp working. I checked the fuses, wiring behind the speedo, and sensors and they're all live and working, I bought a new speedometer cluster but that one also has the same issue so I'm assuming it's something in the car itself. Please don't tell me to check fuses because they're all fine :) all relays were checked to be on the safe side as well. Can anybody help? :)
I have this exact problem on my K11 1999 (no radio, speedometer, temp or fuel gauge) . I have checked all fuses but all seems fine. Can anybody help? Bit stumped!