Sound louder from drivers side speaker

I think im going mad, but the speaker on drivers side sounds louder than the passenger side, i dont know if its just me, but i didnt really notice it before. Equal Sound is definately coming from both. But it just sounds like there is nothing coming from the passenger side speaker, I think im going to fit some sony speakers i have from my previous car, because its driving me mad, just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? would it be anything to do with the HU, or is that very unlikely?


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Well one thing would be your further away, lol...

Had it on the old car, some new speakers done the trick :)


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it's likely that you're sat closer to the drivers speaker, if you want it sounding central, then adjust your speaker balance
Ok thanks for that guys, I have fiddled with the balance,but it still doesnt sound quite right, from reading other posts on here the standard speakers are only 20w ne way, so i think it might be worth just swapping them over for the sony ones ive got. I think il do that tomoz, i have had my micra in bits over the last couple of days trying to sort out the cig lighter, wasnt easy, but it works.:grinning: