Sony HiFi does not retain Stations - Switched Live?

Getting me money's worth from you guys this month! Oh wait no money changed hands! :) Pushing me luck here :)

Right our K11 gets lent out to any parasite (sorry family member) who has over the years needed temporary wheels. Now it's come back and the wife keeping it so I been shaking down absolutely everything.

Last daughter using it had a Sony CDX-GT240 hi fi fitted from new. It works and does everything it should but we tried programming radio channels by the manual and whilst it does everything perfectly, when the ignition is turned off ... all setting reset to zero.... including the time setting.

Have just ordered release keys (also gone missing!!!) to check the power connections. Any ideas why it works in ignition but looses channels/all settings when ignition turned fully off?

Read on the Sony support pages and saw this .....
My Sony cdx-gt540ui car radio isnt holding the pre set stations. Is it the main power supply?

The problem is that you are connected to a switched live so no power is getting to the unit when the ignition is off.

normally if you swop the red and yellow connections in the sony loom that cures the problem- however in some cars you need to locate the permanent live

...... any of you had issues with a K11 and a Sony or any Hifi where this occurred? Would appreciate any suggestions or solutions as normal. The hifi is maybe 4 years old.

Many thanks as always
Think I may have found it ..... lots of youtube vids on similar theme .... have any of you seen this on European Micras .... sound promising....

Seems a red and yellow wire in the loom need swapping on some models/makes ..... Micra maybe?
Just to feedback, the solution above 100% worked .... it is literally a swap over of the red and yellow wires in the black end of the ISO harness.

I managed to gently ease out the existing connectors rather than cut and crimp .... took a while but worked a treat.