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Sometimes the car won't start

We own a 2005 Micra 1.3 automatic. It's an import from Japan.

Yesterday at a junction my girlfriend told me that the car wouldn't move. She had to turn it off and on again. I have a feeling that the car cut out but she couldn't describe what had happened.

Now the car won't start. Sometimes it will start fine and other times it will not. The battery is perfect and when it doesn't start I do hear a clicking noise. So that seems normal. No errors on the dash either. Just a clicking noise which is not followed by any turning over of the engine.

Any ideas what we could do to start diagnosing this? My Dad is helping out and has ruled out the battery and starter motor which seems to work fine.
Check for good conection of cables with your battery. If it still clicks and the engine is not turning over, it can be the starter motor brushes.
Thanks guys. I checked the cables and they are fine. It's a newish battery and the terminals are all clean. So today it started! But it almost cut out. It was struggling to keep going for about 3 seconds. Then I managed to put it into drive and reverse so that I could move it for a neighbor who was blocked.
Does this sound like the cam shaft position sensor like someone suggested?