Some tubing that might need connecting

Hi everyone, I'm coming to humbly beg for help (again) people who actually know things about cars (unlike me who just messes around).

I've recently had to do the clutch on Peggy (2003 K11 1.0L) and a friend was helping me. Problem is, when I was taking down the wheels, he started taking apart stuff under the bonnet, and I now that I'm putting things back together, I don't know where everything belongs 😇 I think I sorted everything fine, but there this one tube just in front of the air intake, which should be strapped to something (the air intake?), and maybe connected somewhere, and a little pipe just behind the air intake (see the pictures) which seems like it should have something connected to it. The sizes I believe match, but I'd need to bend the tube in a different way than it feels natural, so I'm a bit unsure.

So, would anybody tell me, pretty please: what are they, should they be connected together, or should I find something else to connect them to?


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Maarten to the rescue again, thanks a lot! I've tried a little cheeky start this morning (mostly to test the new spark plugs I've replaced as well) and it sounded normal, so it couldn't have been anything important, right? ;)