Silicon Dash "polish"

Seriously... why does anyone use this crap? Just been to look at an otherwise really nice Micra, but walked away because the dash has been utterly ruined by this slippery, evil ####! It does NOT come off... ever. The dash's lovely matt finish is never quite teh same again once that Satan's semen has been sprayed all over it. It's slippery as hell (just what you want on a steering wheel), and it looks ****ing horrible! There's a reason manufacturers never make dashboard, and trim fittings out of shiny plastic: It looks ####!


Rant over.

Low Rider

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Thank goodness we have a swear filter on the forums...

I've walked several times because dealers have insisted in coating the entire car in Dash Dandy despite a specific request not to.
Sorry.... I knew there was a swear filter though :)

It makes me angry though. The car was perfect otherwise, and I'm having a hard time finding the right car, with the right mileage, condition, and colour as it is without dealers ruining the only decent example I've seen for weeks!