Sidelight/headlight question

Hi all

Have my headlights been messed with?

I have put new led side lights in and headlight bulbs just so they are more clear an up to date rather than the dull white. When I changed the side lights an put them on to see, they come on an look good then a split second later a dim off white glow comes on as well around them or in the background of the headlight if that makes sense

but if I turn the headlights on it reduces but is still there. Is there 2 side lights by any chance or is it wired wrong an that the headlight is coming on really dim? It's really getting to me as it looks weird! Might take the headlight out at weekend if no one knows!

Or is it that the reflective bit of the headlight is dim?



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Argh right, how do I get shut of it lol!

joe did a guide iirc, a box relay thingy under the dash (members only tho eh) the h/lights were fed in series (6v each) if the sidelights were on and ign on, (and sidelight only , with the ign off).
does that sound like yours ?
This guide is for a K11 Prefacelift to stop the headlights coming on dimly when the ignition and sidelights are on.
Taking it from this:

To this (just like when the ignition is off) :

First of all locate the Dim Dip box, which is under your dash board, you can see it by taking off the fuse box cover, it will look like this:
(DO NOT CUT WIRES! This box/wiring is from a scrap car for photo purposes!)

Once you have unplugged and removed the unit then you need to link certain wires together (this is easiest done with spade connectors):

(BLACK CIRCLE) Link the Purple wire to the Red wire with yellow tracer
(RED CIRCLE) Link the Black wire to the Yellow wire with the Black tracer

This should then look like this:

Ensure wires are secure under the dashboard and enjoy having no stupid glowingness :p
Decided rather than just hooking both connectors up, I'm going to get another DipDim box and wire it up and just switch for MOT. make it look more proper :3