Si dials on't bay, rare!


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sure these got posted by some one else think it was mackrhin or how ever you spell his forun name sorry fella if u read this


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Sport+ were just black like the rest, only green ones i knew of were in the si.

Shame i would have them if they werent green.

Sport+ are the bleeding rare ones! grr


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yearh only green facelift ones where si jobbies....they also did black facelift ones with a rev counter for insperation and gx 1.3 models.


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Could do with some Sport+ dials... but I can't be bothered with the hassle, it can cost to get the mileage changed.

What happens for MOTs and such? Do you tell them they're diff. dials than what you had in and they show a diff. mileage.. cos if you put the old clocks in it's going to look like you've only driven your car for 5 miles since it's last MOT.