Shuddering at idle &really low speeds

I just took my car to be MOT'd and serviced. I created a thread previously on the damage, and if it would pass or not.
Today I got some masking tape and covered up that area so it shouldn't fail on that now.

I have noticed recently though that the car when idle will be fine, and then a few seconds later will start to shudder, vibrating the gear lever, etc.
If I apply a bit of gas, it stops and then starts shuddering again.
It also occurs at low speeds if I'm just using the clutch to control going into my drive, etc, and not using much throttle at all.

What could this be?

I should get a call in a few hours I hope saying that it has passed, and that it has been serviced, but I'm worried it could get expensive.

I've researched and it could be spark plugs or the cables (yet these got replaced a year ago), or even worse, the engine gasket?...

Any help would be appreciated :)
Yeah, shakes. The entire car doesn't, but parts do. The gear lever and wheel especially.


Got a call, and it passed its MOT flawlessly.

The vibrating was actually the bonnet on the gromits not sitting right apparently, so I will test that when I see it.

Other than that, he's going to fix the spring underneath the gear stick, change oil/oil filter/check levels, etc, and that will be done!