Show us your Dashes!

I'm currently helping a friend rebuild a Nissan GTIR pulsar (450bhp At the wheels as of yet, QUAIFE reinforced Gearbox etc) and he said to me I should redesign His and my Dash (once I goto get a new Micra :doh: )
I've built many custom Fiberglass and CF dashes in the past but now I want to go for the full on race look! Guages, CF and switches!! I've got an Idea in my head but.. I need more inspiration!

Weather its Perfectly stock (excluding AirFreshners etc) or full out madly redesigned I want to see them! Show me those silly little things that just *Have* to be there I need Inspiration.. and lots of it!
The March ones?
I got sponsored last year for DriftX(cross) which is basically Auto-cross crossed with Drifting because they dislike the use of Gymkhana as Ken Block has changed its meaning too much! and to practice I'd just put a subway/maccies cup of water in the cup holder Initial D styleeee :p Spill it and lose!

So maybe they have a purpose for that high speed run through the back roads...


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Mine aint nothing special excpet flocked black with splattered paint on some parts: