Info Show us your Cabriolets!

First sunny day today since acquiring my Cab. So I few shots taken to show it off.

Even a shot of the original road flare and the March cover supplied by Nissan when it was delivered as a prize to one of its employees in Japan. Interestingly, Nissan also gave another complete set of Alloy wheels, with a set of winter tyres. I am guessing for all the snow they get in Japan!
What a beauty she is factory fresh lovely example of the FHK11 Cabriolet. She would look even better with the alloy wheels on? Thanks for sharing the pics with us mate look forward to seeing more of her! B-)
Introducing Rebel. Came over to Reading in 2011 and moved down to Devon. From Rising Sun to Sunshine and Showers.
It's a manual model with a locally fabricated black canvas roof. Rear glass and original vinyl cover retained.
14" JDM Top Run alloys and factory fitted spots. Original Kenwood stereo. I've had Rebel since July, but we've been getting to know eachother :oops:

She looks fabulous mate have you any interior pics, also did you go to your local upholsterer for the back window? B-)
I will take some close ups for you of the back window Andy. No interior shots yet, as I haven't cleaned it. All absolutely standard anyway. Likewise the engine bay, I'm cleaning up bits at a time.
Need to get you sorted with the rear boot lid Nissan March Cabriolet transfer/emblem might have some soon! B-) View attachment 51287 View attachment 51288
But that would mean losing my authentic reflector badge, with picture of a mountain and unknown writing. I would like to know what it says, as it probably indicates a place in its homeland. Was nice to find a penny sized Japanese coin in the car too - I mislaid it for safekeeping :rolleyes: