Shipping parts to the philippines

Greetings guys. Im from the philippines and im currently working on my k11 can anyone send some parts here? and how much? thanks in advance
What parts do you need @K11Shaw ? I'm not against shipping internationally

@F3kka things i need are:

Lowering Springs Set
Dashboard panel for the controls(a/c,radio,vents,) part(middlepart)
Door rain visors
Mesh Grilles
Steering shaft
Shock mounts
and some new brake pads(front and rear)

thanks man
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I have some "rain visors" I'll get a price.....its going to be expesnive though.

Im kinda guessing its gonna be expensive thats why im hoping that can be shipped all together or at least 3-4 items. but still wait for the price. thanks

PS: Am I wrong with the "Rain visors"? thats what we call here in the philippines sorry. lol
We call them wind deflectors here bud.
Hold your breath for the price on shipping to the Philippines, its.......£283 and a few pence!!!!!