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Shakes the car at idle or while standing.

Hey! I bought a Micra K11 '99 with a 1.0 engine and an automatic transmission. I made myself a present, because I've always dreamed about this car. I already have Micra K12. Unfortunately, I have a big problem. When the engine is idle, the car starts to shake. I changed: throttle, ignition device (with cables) and spark plugs. Nothing, unfortunately, helps. The engine runs smoothly for 10-20 seconds and begins to shake. Sometimes it can go out. The mechanic checked the valve clearances, fuel pressure, oil pressure, battery voltage - everything is normal. They also checked the gearbox and did not find any problems either. Maybe you have any ideas? I live in a small town, no mechanic has a computer to diagnose Micra '99. Please help.
It may be worth taking the throttle body off the car and giving it a good clean as this is a common cause of a rough idle. Certainly worked for me and it’s cheap to do, just the price of a can of carburettor cleaner.
Thank you very much for the information. I spent the last week driving from an electrician to an electrician. We found a damaged element: a stepper motor. Unfortunately, I can not find a replacement anywhere. BTW: is this item repairable?
That’s interesting to hear, you don’t normally hear of those failing.
I did try to find a replacement stepper motor for my throttle body just to check if it made a difference to the running of the car. I couldn’t find one either even when typing the part number in, they must not make them anymore. They do seem to attract a fair amount of carbon buildup so might be worth spraying some carburettor cleaner into it and checking it again after refitting. If that fails, then try to find a scrapped car and get one off that, I don’t think it is repairable to be honest.