Serious engine trouble + video of fault


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K10Daz said:
Aint that only on Autoboxes mate?

no daz every gearbox has one, thats why their is 2 sensors screwed into the gearboxes one for reverse and one for park/neutral.

dont know about renaults but nissans always have both on auto and manuals

on the nissan d22 navaras the park/neutral switch can make them have a lack of power and other things.

it could even be that there is/was water in the ecu a common problem on k11's but im sure you said youve swaped ecu's?

it could even be your fuel pump failing which is also common on k11's (could be this k11ss)

now k11ss has somethings to look at im sure he will be a local in the scrapyards lol
the 2 sensors unless were thinking differently will be the reverse light switch and the...... cant think of word right now aaaaargh! ill call it the speedo thing!
is ti possible the exhaust or cat is blocked?
i will check this soon coz im bit busy sorting a replacement car the now :D

keep u all posted tho i still want this fixed to sell it on :) stephen


Same Prob

I've got the same problem, will be intrested in seing if changing the distributor works, and where to find a cheap one!