See this anyone?


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a current nissan tech should be able to say if it can be done without any tools. unfortunatly, i left nissan before the K12 was launched, so i'm not sure.


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service indicator? isnt that like the reminder on our trip computer? in that case someone here explained that it only needs pressing of the 3 buttons for 10 seconds and its done. :doh:

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fordy has explained it a couple of times.

also it will be a word doc that tells you what to do.

my mate bought one for his fiesta, it told what to hold down to let the digital tripometre show a digital rev counter, like whats on the yaris but with no colour


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what a rip off merchant! just go to the dealer - say your car got serviced last week by a dealer elsewhere an they didnt reset the indicator, watch how its done an there you go! But this will void your warranty if it hasnt actually been serviced so no real point!


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but why would you want to delete the service reminder. Isnt it better to get your car serviced every 9000miles like nissan says? I know i would get it serviced otherwise you could end up paying more in the long run.


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man why didnt i think of that i could be rich getting money for something that in the owners manual! or on this forum, maybe i should make one for the navaras and other nissan models i could be rich lol
LoL rip work ive got a Technical Data tells me nearly every thing i need to know about nearly every car.

Reseting service light
Tyre pressures
Wheel alignments
Tourqe setting
pollen filter locations
blah blah blah Ect