Looking like it's going to be a cold one

I'm curious what screenwash everyone uses in their cars, any that you buy every time and have been happy with? Which ones are just colourful water?

What temperature do you reckon it needs to protect down to? It was -2 yesterday
Since the first refill, I been using this from wilkos or may have been aldi brand.
Its blue clears the windows a charm doesn't smell awful strong its ready mixed costs 1.99 for 5L.
I could use a different bottle that's more expensive but do not think mixing the red'ish pink with blue would be a good idea.
Yea the bottle is like 2 years old now it always sprayed fine for me.
But I avoid using in (Extreme temps) since if liquid freezes it nacks the pump up.

Edit :- Ready for another batch by the looks of this container

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I use summer screenwash all year, I am aware it might destroy the pumps. Never happened though. This is the not recommended route though. I know about people with dead pumps, so be aware.
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also you should know they banned methanol in screenwash in May 2018, if you bought yours before then you might want to swap it for the new kind

plain water used in summer has been linked to legionnaires disease with professional drivers using plain water in summer to save money 5 times more likely to get it