scrapyard find


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its a micra van :D theres one at my local scrappys
get a pic i want to see. the micra k11 vans were only ever build as an optional extra in Ireland so they are very rare

i nice mint k11 in scrapyard in lincoln
can't believe there was such an interesting micra in a scrap yard and you took a photo of the standard one next to it lol :p what has that other one got on it then?


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the definition of a van is that it has no rear seats or side windows.
My car is basicly a van, with false floor and tints.

see if you look at the corsa van it is the same as the car:


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That looks like the decals have just been put over the rear 1/4s cos of the rubber strips.


Looks like that other K11 is sponsored by Red Bull if you look at the top right of the first pic.

More pics!! ;)