sat nav . aux input or cigarette lighter

hi all

i own a k12 . 09 plate.

have used the search function but i cant find any answers.

i basically wont to fit a sat nav and am wondering if i can power it from the aux input"wots it do"

or the cigarette lighter"does this actually work"in my dads older micra it has no power to it.

many thanks
Sat navs are powered by the cig lighter and yours should have power going to it if it's a k12, have you tried running it yet?
The aux is for mp3 players, you'll need a twin male 3.5mm headphone type lead (can't for the life of me remember what they're called) one end plugs into the aux port the other into the headphone jack of whatever you're using as a mp3 player, you may also have a usb port aswell but that's self explanatory.

I'd recommend borrowing a friends satnav to check your 12v plug works but I dont see why it wont