saga of the dreaded K12 Boot lock.


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Hi all not posted here before but I am asking advice about my daughters K12 micra with the "i****nt" locking system, the boot has locked shut. I have stripped the micro switches out of the handle and tested them they both make contact when pressed so Im assuming they are Ok just to check went to local nissan dealer borrowed new switch set up and plugged it in no difference, so now suspecting the lock mechanism itself. I have got power down to the actuator so the cables are not broken within the body. But How do you open the lock? I have looked for the famous tab but not found it yet

1. am I doing the right things?
2. how do you open the boot ?
3. any other ideas what it might be? I am beginning to suspect that there is nothing wrong with it but we have somehow disabled the boot opening and the key system is actually cleverer than me and wont let us in. :glare:



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well been defeated by the bl**dy thing had to book it into main stealers for the jammed lock sorted out let you know what happens.


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R-Reg-R Ha! Ha! the last K11 I was involved with belonged to my mother and she wrote it off turning right at a crossroads, the K12 belongs to my Daughter and although we cant open the boot it turns right AND left at junctions so that has got to be an improvement :grinning:

Back to the boot lock I replaced both the switch set up and the lock mechanism by borrowing the parts from a main dealers and plugging them in in the carpark , neither of them fixed the problem so I booked it in, in fact it turned out to be a wiring fault in the boot wiring, although I had looked at that and found nothing wrong. so before you go and buy the switches just check the wiring and make sure that it is not damaged first
Had the same problem - turned out to be the wiring between boot lid and main body - it gets mashed up and can split / short after years of use. It's concealed within the rubber flexible hose on the driver's side of the boot lid.

Cut that off, removed various other sheaths and junk, and soldered each of the wires back together and sealed up with tape and it works again.

To open the boot, we had to connect two 9v batteries (a 12v would probably work better!) across the solenoid that locks the boot lid - had to remove the trim and then cut more wires to do so. The plastic trim is easy enough to remove from the inside (just start pulling at the top covering the wiper motor).
D'oh - but at least you fixed it. Once had the same problem with my Pug, the drivers door loom had been crushed over many years, and wires had broken up inside to create an intermittent fault. I'm no good with soldering, so I crimped all the wires together in a staggered fashion and it was sorted...

To open the boot in the K12, there is a latch at the bottom inside, which you can access by pushing the rear seats down and crawling into the boot. It slides sideways to release it. According to the manual anyway - I've never tried it myself.
I got issues too with the boot circuitry.

Wires were broken in the wiring harness on right hinge (i'v repaired them) + damaged wire on the boot lock's plug.

Then i make a mistake :

I put off the "wire plugs" of "master plug" and forgot to take a picture of the wiring digram...

Guys, could you help me by taking such picture or telling me the wiring order ? Seems like there is 4 different wire : black, stripped black, orange, stripped orange. Stripped is not clear, so it's possible that there is only stripped black and stripped orange.
Sorry if my english is not correct; it(s not my native laguage :)

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