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Mine has a screen in 2017 and it's crap tbh, not hard to chip and gets wind noises half the time , the screw sits further out (there a gap in on the a pillar trims) and same seal
Tho I think the this deal design is.a bit better ,
Student loan is in so I can now grab myself some things.
Got a really cheap, really really poor quality car cover for Cassie. This allows me to keep the popouts open and the doors slightly open to air it out (it's gone quite stale in there).
This also means I can start removing parts like the glass and it won't get rained in. And it tidies up the driveway. So I can start removing panels ready for the engine swap at my own leisure and cover it up when I'm done.

Shortly after, new wipers arrived. The old ones were SO rusted.

They're cheap crap but they'll do.
I also got a new rear one as it was a little broken. It doesn't quite fit properly which sucks, and it's a little shorter. Because of the fitting issue it doesn't reach the top of the rear window, it skims over the glass.
It'll do for now.

I'd be interested in seeing if the rear Nissan badge is the same as the front one. If it is, I'd like a first facelift one again, but on the back.

Just been wondering if I should keep my GTi wheels as winter wheels? The steelies are already rusting through. Might be superior grip in snow with more tyre sipes digging in, but more chance of planing over the snow. Either way the steelies are looking rough.

Oh. Also, I added a measuring jug of water to the radiator. It's still not filled to the correct point, but I noticed that the coolant expansion tank is already really full. Possibly more than it should be. Shaking the car quite hard still didn't get any of it to move. There was definitely air escaping when I opened the radiator cap. Don't know what's going on there. At least I'll sort it all out when I swap the engine.

I added a bunch of oil as it was getting very low now. It got very noisy. Now that I've added a load, it's happier. Though I'm noticing a slight hot oil smell occasionally. So oil is disappearing somewhere, but there aren't any puddles. Is it burning?

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i used to use a claybar on my windows every time i washed it, less abrasive than polish and no harm in overuse, then turtle wax (green bottle) put on in swirl pattern and taken off in vertical patterns, not too close to the edge and give it overnight (or an hour or two in the shade on a warm day) before you put the wipers back down. Inside use your bog standard household glass cleaner (green liquid, can't remember brand, smells the best) and a lint-free cloth and then there's a coating designed to stop the inside from fogging up that I use.

Do this and I swear if a juicy enough bug hits it there's enough water in the fly to have it whoosh off over the top without spraying the washers/wiper :ROFLMAO:
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as for the coolant, park on a steep hill headlights facing upwards and let it get hot enough to put the rad fan on then give it some revs... might be enough to burp any air out towards the expansion tank

if your radiator gets low there can't be much (if any) fluid in the heatercore. Could even be smelling hot for this reason

not sure why the expansion tank doesnt trickle fluid into the radiator, doesnt on mine either - i wasted a radiator flush bottle that cost me £7.50 thinking if i dropped it in the expansion it would circulate the whole system - it just sat there while I drove the 50 miles to get it to circulate felt like an idiot after... drained and swapped fluid anyway, used a hose to wash the gunk out of my heater core but never did get a proper flush. but that's how i learned the hill trick
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I'm not overly bothered about the health of this engine as at some point this summer I want to take it out and put my 1.4 in, as for the radiator I think it's been replaced. I've got a couple of others I can use from slightly older cars.
I'll have a look at the crank seal for oil. It's odd that there's no oil dripping anywhere. Like I said before though, this engine is temporary so I don't really care much if it's a bit low on fluids.

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It's been a while since I got some new bulbs. I've not particularly liked the interior light, and since adding it to the new car, it's been rotating in its socket every time I move the switch.

So, I got some new, wider ones.
Interestingly enough despite being 4x3 diodes, the old 5050 SMDs, I think, are triple diodes per chip. So in the end these new ones have just as many diodes and seem to be just as bright.
The difference is how much more spaced out they are, and they're coated in silicone (seems to be the way new bulb types are going these days) to spread the light like a kind of lens. Protects it really well too.

It certainly looks better, no longer do I have a line of lights down the middle of the unit. It does still turn a bit but not as much, and can't turn as far due to the dimensions.
I did notice one small problem though. When the indicators flash when the car locks/unlocks, this new bulb dims as they flash. The old one and the front one don't do that. If it bugs me enough I might need to look again for a new type.

It's a 41mm bulb by the way, I don't know what type though.

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I wouldn't chance it with those flat diodes, but I know with the older type of LEDS you could use a bit of sandpaper to get a more diffused look. Maybe there's some sort of cover you could put between the bulbs and the actual cover on the dome light to spread it out a bit more

Not sure what causes it to dim, could maybe fix it with a capacitor?
Suddenly, dry, warm days. Time to get those popouts!
Didn't take too long to recover them from Cassie. Other than my ghetto fitting solution making it difficult to unbolt.

I decided not to waste time with the seals on the new car, I tried to get them off for a few minutes but ultimately I was on a time limit (because when else would you do mods?), so I chopped the seals to remove the glass. You just need to trim off 3/4 of the inner seal, and about 1/4 - 1/3 of the outer seal and then feed the inner lip (what's left of it) over the shell. Always tape the glass to the roof just in case.

This time I'm not doing the ghetto fitment. If you didn't follow at that point, I didn't have much tool-wise, so I cut out rectangles near the holes, and fed a nut in the hole with a spanner to do the bolt up into, then filled it with foam.
Now I actually have a rivet gun and ritnuts. So easy to install them too!

I was happy to see that on this car the body under the seals looks perfect, not a hint of corrosion, unlike previously. I'm glad I took the old seals out though. They were holding water, definitely a rust zone to look for in the future for K11s.

My time limit sort-of expired, so I had to drive with no rear side windows.

Which was pretty cool. Except for some nasty pressure waves blasting my ears at 60mph+. I had to open the sunroof to balance it out, which worked pretty well.

I didn't realise that the upper and lower mounts for the glass were different. If you put them in wrong it becomes very wonky. Each bracket is labeled, like "LL" for left lower and "RU" for right upper.
It was hard to figure out where the rear hinge/latch had to go as it can rotate as well as move back and forth. So I decided to fit the rear plastics so I could align them with those. However I had to cut some holes for the tabs to go into, which I started, but realised it was probably around 6pm and I could see patio doors open so I stopped making noise and packed up. Had to leave the popouts only 2/3 attached. When I closed the doors the windows flapped as the pressure thing did what it does. I was a little concerned about leaving it on the road (my friend's car is on my driveway) with two of the windows partly hanging, but it looks alright this next morning. Didn't put the car cover on Cassie either because there's no chance of rain now (actually it's because I only thought about it as the garage door was closing and it was inside...).

Right then, time to finish off. It already looks so much nicer. And now I don't have the stupid number plate inprint on those windows (other places are door windows [will change] and headlights).
I just got extra shifts at work, so I bought some brand new Team Heko wind deflectors. Expect to see those in a few days. They'll go really well with the popouts and the grey colour, can't wait.
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Let's get down to business!
My pack of 10 COB LED bulbs arrived today! Chips On Board is that new type of diode encased in silicone, which is what I put in my sidelights and they worked really well (considering they were LEDs in a reflector housing).
So out with the old, hot, dim incandescent bulbs...

And hello COBs! Just like the last pair I used, they're white and yellow depending on what part you look at. These are shorter so they fit in the number plate lenses, and shouldn't bend in the headlights. They're also not CANBUS "error free" so they have a polarity, which I think makes them much cheaper (at absolutely no cost to us driving proper cars).

I tested them in the headlights, in absolute direct sunlight on a bright sunny day, and even then you can see them lit up! Amazing! Can't wait to see them after sunset.

So then. On to the popouts.
I was thinking last night, maybe instead of chopping holes in the body of my new car, I would break off the additional tabs. So I chucked on some paint on the bare metal from where I started cutting, and broke off the tabs. It fits on just fine, I was thinking I might need to get some thick double-sided tape or something, but they hold on well. Later, other panels that are screwed in will hold them in completely. So no need to cut holes in your car if you're doing this yourself!

I want to mix up the light grey and black/dark grey. I even used the dark screws at the top here.

Side panels off. Got a chance to tidy up a wire (must be the boot light). Then I noticed something. What was that pipe running down from the back? I had a feeling I knew what it was, and was confirmed after I poured water from a jug into my sunroof. The drainage pipes for the sunroof just end... there? What was Nissan thinking?!

So, I pulled the pipe loose and, because it was so long and coming from the C-pillar, I pushed it through the bumper pockets (the ones that equalise the pressure), and so that it wasn't going to rust the pockets up, pulled it out so it was just sticking out from the bumper. That's much better! Did the same on the other side shortly after.

Now then, I hadn't extracted the pocket panels from Cassie, so I went ahead and did that.

I realised my time limit was approaching, so I got on with the windows themselves. Drilling these holes wasn't that easy as the biggest metal drill bit I have is 6mm. So I had to use a 10mm stone/masonry drill bit after drilling a 6mm pilot hole...
Whatever, it worked. Rivnuts in place and looking nice.

And there we go! A popout window!

Same on the other side...

Seatbelt in place. Used the black bits as they look nice. It's also easier to use what's already attached.

I slightly ran out of time, hence the change in background, but I managed to get both belts on and all of the trim on the left side fitted. I had to pull the seal up to get the trim in. Which meant I had to take the window off again to get the seal off. That was fiddly and annoying.
I really like the colour combo currently. The little bit of plastic where the front belt comes from is the darker type too.

Once home again, I finished. Finally, at long last, I have the holy trio of popouts.

(Corner space as usual)

Now was a good time to give the car a rinse and wipe down with a microfibre mitt, it was looking awful from where I sprayed it with water at work and it left water spots. I also blasted off what wax I could that was not coming off from seals etc. I blasted the windows and checked that no water got in, and none did. Which is nice. I think I aligned them a little better this time too.

I've left the pocket lights disconnected for now, but I soldered on extended wires and left them trailing vaguely in the right way so setting them up won't take long.

Also, something blew my mind today as I was finishing off. The latches that hold the rear seat aren't level with each other. On closer inspection, both of the panels on the sides of the boot aren't the same. I had no idea!
Just like how the storage thingy on the top-middle of the dash isn't symmetrical. Have a look for yourself!

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looking great. The wd-40 perfectly fitting the door pocket made me laugh

seals holding onto water is annoying not to mention ironic
Well spotted, I had to blast some on the left seatbelt bolt at the top as it was being very stubborn. Those bolts have such short heads too. I rounded one on my donor car, that's why I have cut marks on the trim near it, which is now on my new car...
I better make the most of the can fitting in the cupholder like that as when I add the electric windows it won't have the height clearance anymore...
Came out pretty well from the rinse and wipe. Look how small it looks!
Popouts really change the look of the car, I didn't realise.
Can't wait for the wind deflectors.

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The perfect time of day for photos in my opinion is when it just starts to get dark, but it's not dark yet. Then you can still see things well enough and get good colour, and at the same time any light sources are a little exaggerated but not so much that it's glaring.
The number plate lights look excellent. Definitely the best I've ever had. They're white, but not quite pure white.

Sidelights look just as they did with the previous bulbs. They sort of light up a halo around the outer edges of the glass. I think the glass just needs a very deep clean.

And yeah, the colour temperature is quite similar to the actual headlights. I might consider adding just a tiny bit of the clear orange paint I had for my model March, just to tone the white down a little. I bought a pack of 10 bulbs this time so I have room for experimentation. Heat won't be an issue like last time with the incandescent ones.

Looks like I need to sort out these bits of glass. Maybe the wax has filled in little pits in the glass and I haven't been able to get it out. Maybe I should get a purpouse made headlight restore kit. I wouldn't expect I'd need to as these are actual glass and not plastic... I would change the glass for one of my spares but both sets have chips, and at least one set is missing lots of the outer glass where I was stupid and inexperienced trying to pry the glass apart without heating the gasket up.

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Hey, look who came over today. We are really missing a third car in our group, that would perfect it.

I decided I couldn't get the car clean enough so we both went to a local hand wash. Never been to one before, they got both of our cars cleaned in minutes, they even cleaned the inside of the doors and added tyre shine. Amazing for £5!

I've never seen our cars this shiny. Now would be a good time to add some wax, as long as I don't put it on the black plastic bits and the seals again.
After returning from the wash, I helped Eddie re-route his rear sunroof drain pipes the same as I did on mine.

The COB LEDs in the number plate lights already failed. It looks like they were squashed, so I'll probably cut down the bottoms of them (since these are nice and simple). For now, some new ones, as I have so many.

Now that looks good.

Wind deflectors are en-route. Should be here tomorrow or maybe the day after. I'm very excited.

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Felt like fixing that awful paint situation on the left side. As is tradition, the moment I stepped outside with a can of paint the wind went crazy, regardless I got on with masking up with whatever I had left (I need a newspaper or something). A nice single thick coat of underseal paint applied that will resist getting hit by stones and stuff. Tactically I put the car on the curb to get a better angle and turned the steering so I didn't have to worry about painting the front wheel.

Final result looks awesome so far. Let's hope it stays on this time. The car is nice and clean so I don't see why it would peel off. I'm also not bashing it with snow before it's fully cured again.
I made sure to peel off the masking before it got too dry, otherwise doing so can pull the paint up a bit.

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I once painted my black plastic trim pieces a blacker black, and being the first time I had ever masked before got it a little wrong in some places, and tiny bits of black paint got behind the newspaper and maskingtape and onto the red right near the plastic, not noticeable from far away but enough to bother me when I bend down close up to wash it. I never fixed it, but the black paint remains there today 4 years later - so no, I doubt it'll peel off

Also as physical newspapers stop getting bought masking materials are gonna become rare :ROFLMAO: there's gonna be backstreet deals over old newspapers going down behind the pub all the old lads drink at, car guys hanging out on the carpark at meccabingo waiting for it to turn out see if Doreen has finished her crosswords
I got my wind deflectors. I couldn't wait to fit them so I did it on my break at work.

I'm glad I bought them brand new. They arrived so quickly and unlike Eddie's ones they have adhesive that stops them from sagging at the backs. And the metal clip tabs are tight.

Like I guessed, looks great with the popouts and dark colour theme.

Ignore the mess inside. It's the deflectors wrapping. Okay and maybe a Greggs.
I got to try them out a bit on the way home. Even though they're translucent, the bend bends the light passing through so it does make it a little more difficult to see around the A-Pillar. Also ironically a small wind noise is generated by it at speed. However this noise stays the same with the window open a bit.
Also the left one slightly covers the mirror which is annoying. These things I'll need to get used to I suppose.
I noticed today that a very very large amount of cars in this area of Bristol have Team Heko deflectors. Like, you can easily see one or two every minute or two.
My KY5 paint has arrived so I might look into the paint stuff when I have time.
Yesterday I took the pressure washer to Eddie's and he bought a hose and some adaptors. I got myself some car shampoo and a pack of new microfibre cloths.

It was nice and sunny so we got washing.

Mine came out pretty good.

I wish my paint was in the same condition as Eddie's. I have so many bits of missing paint on the bonnet and loads of scratches and little missing paint bits all over.

After a wipe down with a couple of cloths.

Today I added the seal paint on the other side, finally. I noticed a little bubbling at the back, some of which I could pop and water escaped, the rest was solid. I'll keep an eye on it.
I ran out of masking tape and the crappy shop we have in the area didn't sell any, so with the lower line of tape masking the edge, I just held some cardboard up and gingerly sprayed thickly. Only had to wipe off a little bit. This paint takes forever to dry!

My final exam of the year is tomorrow. After that I have some quality time for my car. That is, after work...
I got myself some supplies for all of the painting missions I have lined up.

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