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Hi all,

Got a little problem with my car.

it started about 2 weeks ago, you would be driving and it would start 'missing' and it wouldnt rev, then it would go away, then the next day it would be fine, the day after that it would start playing up again, rendering the car practically undrivable.

it would tick over perfect, you could stand a pound coin on the rocker top, and it would be fine it you had the throttle planted in the carpet, but anything inbetween it just bounced up and down and in most occurances cut the engine out. as im sure you can believe setting of was extremely difficult.

it would never really play up from freezing cold, only when getting warm.

so on friday i decided id have a look at it cos i was working away all last week but luckily enough i didnt have to drive.

i decided that i thought it might be an ignition component so put another spare set of

HT leads on it, got it up to temp and took it round the block, still played up no change,

then i put on a spare dizzy cap i had, no change again,

then i put another coil on it cos i thought it may be braking dowm when hot, still no change,

then i put another dizzy on it, still did it no change,

it had a new set of plugs about 6 weeks ago so i ruled those out,

but as id changed everything else i decided to change them for an old set i had to hand,

took it for a drive seems alright, went shopping and went to town on friday afternoon, delivered those wheels to squarepants (20 mile 1 way), so in total i did about 80 mile on friday, never missed a beat until i was on my way home from dans house got about half way home and it started doing it again worse than ever.

but by this time it was about half 8 andf it was dark and raining.

it rained all saturday and i didnt need the car so didnt want to get wet.

so sunday morning i decided that as i had changed all the ignition stuff id change the carb, so hald hour later id fitted a different carb and inlet manifold with new gaskets, checked all vac lines all ok. took it for a spin perfect never better, went into town on sunday, dodging about did about 40-50 miles not a problem, went to work monday morning perfect, came home monday night perfect, start it up this morning perfect got about half way to work started acting up again, the gremlins are back.

the car doesnt use any oil or any water.

im clean out of ideas, so thought id unleash the msc knowledge database.

cheers scott


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my guess would be a 12v connection is arcing intermittently, ignition switch ?, low tension coil lead ?