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Horray, another running issues thread!

As you all know, my K11 all of a sudden stopped working couple weeks back.

Well last night we finally got it (safely) to a garage where it'll stay till I either fix or break.

So here's what happened:
Saturday - Daily driving, no problems.
Sunday - Engine starts fine, idles okay. Go to pull away, revs drop and engine cuts out. Doesn't start again.

Last night we started pushing it to the garage and as I was being pushed I thought I'd give it a go and try and start her up. She started and idled whilst I was in amazement..then the revs dropped and it coughed and spluttered till it cut out.

We tried again and this time I kept the revs up, slammed it into gear and managed to drive it about 200m before dropping the clutch for a very tight turn. As I did this the engine cut out.

Once the engine cuts out it refuses to start and just turns over and over.

We pushed it the rest of the way.

- I originally thought it was a spark problem, but after driving it 200m without misfiring, I'm unsure
- Could the fuel pump be on its way out?
- Perhaps coolant sensor as I read from @Clodo thread.
- Plugs aren't that old but easy to change so I will

It is almost as if a vacuum has come off or split. I had a quick look (in the dark) but couldn't see anything obvious.

I'm leaning towards a fuelling issue.

I know this is pretty vague but I'm willing to try any suggestions :)



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I did a fuel filter change about 18months ago and the tank has been run very low quite frequently and run completely dry once.

Wondering if any gunk has blocked the filter.


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nah, i,ve never changed the fuel filter in any of my 4 k11,s, they last the life of the car unless you have a rust filler neck,
you should get a squirt of fuel as you loosen the pipe (without taking it fully off )


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changing the pump is,nt a 5 minute job scott, it there is some pressure in the line then that definitely wont be the cause of a non starter
Sadly not 5mins :(

I've been offered £450 for the car as a non-runner. Might just take it :oops:
I did swap my pump for gti Almera one and it started up it had few problems as I bought mines as none starter, if u had a dry fuel filling done b4 it can be junk in the tank that has some blockage in the lines ? Or fuel check pipe ? it took me 30 mins to change my pump, other easy options are take the injectors off with looms wired in and start the car up and check if they all spray ok, Then it's defo working pump and fuel filter,

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