Tech / Mechanics Roof Stuck Open

:eek::( Yesterday I carefully oiled all the pivot points on the roof frame which then oddly created a creaking noise during operation. Today I showed the car to a friend and he asked whether it should go flatter in the open position. Think he pushed it down a little and now it's stuck there. Switch causes a little click Open or Closed, which sounds like a relay. There is no sound at all from the rear from a motor trying to operate. When you try to lift the main arms manually, that creak comes from around the main pivot on one side. Is there a safety cutout which engages when there are mechanical difficulties and is there any manual override? Have sprayed rust release on the main pivots but don't have much faith in it curing the problem. Have a cover over it, but rain coming tomorrow.
I am not going outside now, but I think you may well have hit the nail on the head here Andy :) As well as showing off the roof, I was playing with the radio aerial. I thought the Auto/Manual switch was for the aerial, and I know I played with it when I was talking. I bet I left it switched to Manual! Still need to sort out where it is stiff, but already decided I am going to take it to the trim place locally who made the replacement roof for a specialist service. Where did you find an English manual? Thanks again, hoping the electric motor will operate the roof in the morning.
Was the roof made locally and they bonded the glass on the new roof if so please could you give me their contact details my glass window is starting to detach slightly in the bottom corners! :-(
Switch was on Manual as you said Andy. Erectile disfunction was cured at the flick of a switch! I doubt I would have associated that switch with the roof, so I really appreciate not having to take it to a garage. If you photographed or scanned all the pages in that manual, you would have a worthwhile market just within this forum for a downloadable PDF.