Rolling Road Day, Surrey Rolling Road 5th March 2011

Right you lot, this must be the 5th or 6th event I have posted on here and yet to have a micra attend!!

Skylines a plenty but would ideally like to see some nice K10's /k11's if possible :D
Challenge is laid down for the lowest bhp, my Be-1 got 57bhp :D

Taken from

Right for those that don't know the score:

The next SE rolling road day will take place on Sat 5th March.

I've chosen this date as it's empty on the calendar at the moment &
also will enable those attending Marham to have a good shake down.

Those who have been before will vouch that its a great day out :boobies: and an impressive dyno.

Used by umpteen companies and forums Surrey Rolling Road is renown for being one of the best Dyno's in the UK.

As usual upto 10 cars on the books will be £40 inc VAT and 13 and up would be £35 inc vat.

They have the ability to handle 4WD and RWD



Location is here:
Surrey Rolling Road Ltd,
Unit 120, Qinetiq Chobham lane,
Surrey, KT16 0EE


This will be a full day if enough cars are on board so looking at meeting at 0930hrs :D

Please behave in the carpark as well, it is not owned by SRR.

Our last outing was marred by one owner not abiding by Charlies rules.

Please add your name below following the format:​

1, Balloo2u R34 GTT


Well in that case...
1, Balloo2u R34 GTT
2, karlj K11 Super S
3, James SW20 MR2 GTi-16

May even be able to get my mate to come along too :)

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I'm free any weekend except that one, (darn it!)........have fun :p

When's Marham though?

Edit: Not to worry - It's mid April......I'll be out of the country then.

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Ahh yeah so they are! Added the wrong date in my diary. Are you registered on there or something?


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I'd be tempted to fight for the lowest bhp title but I'm away at the weekend. Apparently it had 50bhp 24 years ago.