Road Markings!


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Ok, i have increasingly noticed that my car act's like a bike on road markings. It slipped quite badly this morning when passing a cyclist and put me off line for a few seconds. Is this normal?, is do i have poop tyres? Arnold will probably tell u they are some weird unrecognisable make!!! Can't remember what atm tho!!

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If you have allready checked all the basics such as pressures treads,side-walls. barings, wishbone bushes etc and tracking...then you might be feeling the same stuff as I did of late with thunderbird one:

I have had a symilar experience in my Black 10 ....

It was noticable only after I had my low profile tyres fitted all around

When I had Low son the front and tractor tyres on the back I didnt notice it...Only with 4 all around

In feer that ther was something in the steering or suspension comming loose I had it thoroughlt checked by two independant garages and both places gave the car the clean bill of kealth machanically.

One garage commented though that the drive felt 'twitchy as !"£$' (my conclusion here was that he was expecting a drive-feel the same as a stock K10)

Anyways I came to the decision that the problem was that I was sensitive to tramlining caused by the low profiles on the rear

Now, about 3 months have passed, I havent changed anything on the car but if feels solud as a rock I reccon I'm now de-senstitised to the tramlining (my pea brain has filtered the sensation) I only notice it on road markings or visibly uneven road surfaces

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in motor racing, they sometimes say the lines are slippier than the rest of the track. I wouldn't say it's related to your car, more likely the lines are just slippery after all this recent rain (locked in water maybe)? I dunno.


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Well i've only noticed it in this car. And yeah Sammo, the tyres are pretty low profile, maybe thats whats causing it! Just a bit weird thats all. They also seem to 'follow' cracks running in the road well, or where the road has been re-surfaced!!! I guess i'll just have to get used to it trying to go the opposite way i want it to lol!! o_O


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I've noticed the same thing in mine. Its slipped on manhole covers a couple of times when going round corners, and doesnt feel too stable on rough road surfaces, does seem to follow the cracks sometimes! The K10 didnt do it, and its got the same new front tyres.


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i felt that when i first get my car out and about but after a while driving it practically sticks to the surface