Right driving light wont work, how to expel dim/dip unit?

hello guys

LHD model
right lamp were turning on sometimes after some mileage (5-15min) but stoped two weeks ago.

when the bulb was alive, everything seems to work properly- Hi beam with dash icon, Hi lights with icon.

when right bulb won't working, theres Hi beam ONLY at the RIGHT bulb (with dash icon).
Hi light wont working at all (no icon too).

Funny thing is there wasn't 15A fuse for right lamp and it worked before (fusebox in front of battery)
i put this fuse but nothing changed.
-Removing the left lamp fuse make it dead ,and theres a click from RR FOG RELAY (what!:confused:)
-Removing the right lamp fuse makes nothing.

checked the current in some places:
-right lamp : power flows to Hi beam, so theres must be ground(earth?) too. No power at driving lights wire
-power present at both sides of 15A lights fuses in front of battery. The power at fuses is present all the time, so i can't just make a short cable from fuse to bulb :mad:

checked the Right lamp harness under the fender- it goes through firewall and join the main interior harness under the blower unit...

I have read many about corroded conectors, didnt checked the power at cable after right lamp fuse, but find out today abot this dim/dip feature. Is there any simple way to check it? dosconnect or baypass?

one more thing- in my polish forums everyone points at lights switch. But my small brain can't understand why it can't disconnect one circuit, rather than two for R and L lamp...
for real theres two circuits at one switch?

I hate to repair electricity, I'm too math-dumb for this....:rolleyes:
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I've heard that old ones have had different wiring

maybe tomorow I'll check the lights switch first ,beacuse I'll be removing the steering wheel.