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Richardwbb's 1993 Super S LHD sleeper.

I do have a topic from the beginning with the engine side motormount modification in Dutch but here goes after setting my brakes, wheels, shocks and alignment straight.

Here is the engine. I bought a 350 coins Super S which was steep considering the defects but it was the only Super S at that time and I had some help from a welder friend and another friend with knowledge about this engine swap which is about the most simple as it can get for you.

It is a Ga16DE from a Nissan 100Nx and that engine was also driven beyond recognition. It was 150 coins and in the end was even profitable and this engine is rated 110 horsepower.

The modifications
This is a long list!

a. custom air intake
b. k12 steelies
c. cardboard radiator

The custom air intake was designed by my knowledgable friend for diameter and length. Length of the intake should correspond with the engine. The k12 steelies I bought from a market site are straight and balanced by me. My Micra also has bleeded it's brakes, those brakes are from the donor car and it has new shock absorbers and it has been aligned. I decided to use the donors car radiator but it is just too big. So I put cardboard in there which gave a notable mileage difference.

And below is a preview where my car is still wet. It has six different colours of red an will be polished!
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My ordered Ali mass airflow came in.

I could have installed it straight away but I await my to-do list and also choose a cold start circumstance with a full warm up and proper weather circumstances to WOT it and then I hope to learn an Ali Express MAF is sweet, just not the cheapest but the most likeley.
And Datascan can measure with tyre size correcting, your 0 - 100 kilometers time an I missed that I could have measured 0 - 60 miles per hour time in one go.