Reviving a hot hatch

Hi wondering if anyone can help,
Brought a one litre micra k10 1990 5 door, lovely little car love the four speed gear box love the grunt the tiny little engine has. Basically need advice on what to do to it, I know I'm going to lower it, possibly put rear discs on, but what can I do to the engine or what engine can I put in. Never turbocharged a carburetted engine but if anyone knows how to do it please get in touch and give me some advice. Also need to know where to get a nice body kit and some other parts. Need both near side doors, offside front door and front wing, all front lights offside and a new bumper. I like the preface lift grilles but can't find one and I like the look of the k10 turbos with the spotlights but don't know how to get hold of the stuff for it or if it's a case of building the parts needed myself. Basically all the advice you can give me on pimping out this diamond in a goats arse will be very much appreciated, only cost me 25 quid so I don't care how much I spend its a long term project to put it on the road and keep it alive, who knows they might skyrocket in ten years so I'm hanging on to it.