Reverse light switch replacement

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So, I’m getting my Micra on the road in the summer, and to pass an MOT, I need to replace the reverse light switch as it went a while back. I’m wondering if anyone has ever done this on their Micra and how difficult it is to do?

it’s a 1997 1.0L if there’s any difference between years and engines.

thanks for any help 👍🏻
Its a sensor on the back passenger side of the gearbox, near the bottom and you will lose oil when you remove it, there are a few types I think as the pre facelift 1.0 is different to the 1.3 for some reason according to the Haynes book so you will have to look first. it will look similar to a coolant temp sensor , you can short the pins if the reverse light comes on it’s the switch if not likely a bad wire. Not overly hard to do but you will need some gearbox oil for top up after I found that the fiddly bit as I didn’t have a syringe, ended up poking a hole in a squash bottle lid and a pipe stuck out the end, fill with oil and squeeze it in.
I did find this part number for the pre 98 1.0 models, it has the neutral and reverse in one unit. Might help you locate it anyway


I've ruined my car 🙁
Yeah pre facelift 1.0 have essentially a K10 type 41 box, so different to all the rest. Haynes manual makes it simple to find too. I made a switch in a hurry to get through my test that sat behind my gearstick, don't do that though

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