Retractable mirror sticks

I have a k14 tekna 17 plate. The drivers side door mirror always retracts but on start up it sometimes doesn't come all the way out so i cant see whats on the right side.
I use the manual button which brings it out some but still not enough to see.
I tried spraying acf 50 through the gaps of the mirror to no avail.
It doesn't do it all the time but enough to be annoying and possibly dangerous.
Any ideas ?
I have same problem. Dealer changed settings so mirrors extend when unlocking rather than start up blaning high current drain, but now it's happened again. l'll go back if persists. Any ideas please?
Mines fixed. Took it to nissan dealer who dealt with it under warranty. The grease on the mirror had hardened causing the problem. They cleaned it and put new grease on.