Request for information Things to check when buying Micra C+C

hope your well
I am looking to buy a Micra C+C 1.6 58 plate
the car is S Cat but has been fixed to high standard apparently and re registered (I do need to do lost of check son what this was)
I am hoping to visit the car next week but was looking for help and advise from any one experienced with these cars to to help me put together list to top things to check once I get there.
Or if anyone has any useful url's to helpful video checks that would be great.
I am not a mechanic and although the money is not stupid I really don't want to just chuck my money away .

if anyone can help I would be really grateful
thanks for any help
Look under the front wheel wells.
Check for rust if it's gone on either side under the headlight.
My k12 has some on the driver side its not a good thing but was repaired.
And as far as I seen today the wheel Well needs a new panel welding in.
As you are going to be looking at a cat S you should make sure it's cheap.
I would wonder this also not many cat anything nissan micra's.
However you might get lucky because Cat S sometimes are simple small job repair.
If in doubt find another.