replacing NATS ECU


I'm just trying to keep my P reg 1.0L Micra going for a bit longer......

The ECU has burnt out, and I've got another from a scrapyard which I've put in, and got a mobile locksmith to try reprogramming it to the chipped key (with red bit). But the car still won't start.

Have seen the other threads on site: what other bits do I need from the donor vehicle to make it work on my car, eg key? transponder around ignition barrel? Any other bits from under the bonnett?

Can anyone confirm whether they've tried this, and whether it did/didn't work?




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Where are you based? I have done nats to non nats conversions in the past. I however do charge for this.


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hello i have a non nats engine and ecu and my car has nats will the engine with non nats and ecu still go in sorry for hi jacking

It would need to be rewired to suit the car's wiring. That's what Ed is referring to.