Replacing clutch cable

Discussion in 'K11 Tuning Mechanical Servicing and Modifications' started by roblatus, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. roblatus

    roblatus Guest

    How easy is it to replace the clutch cable on a 94 1.3 micra??

    could it be done at the roadside as my wifes car is currently stuck down a street on the other side of town:doh:
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  3. Soixantaine

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    Jun 21, 2005
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    Not that difficult. I've replaced two using the Haynes manual as a guide.

    Remove the battery and battery mounting bracket. Also the air cleaner inlet duct.

    Locate the clutch release lever and slacken the locknut and knurled adjuster nut on the cable end.

    There is an inner and outer cable. Work the inner cable fitting from the clutch release leaver and the outer cable from its mounting bracket.

    Inside the car, remove the small shelf under the steering column.

    Unhook the inner clutch cable from the hook on the top of the clutch pedal.

    Back under the bonnet, remove the cable from the bulkhead. Have a good look at the way it's routed and the various clips that secure it before taking it all the way out.

    Putting it back is more or less the reverse of the above. Hooking it back on the clutch pedal is a little tricky but you're probably a little more agile than I am. See the photo for a look at what the top of the clutch pedal looks like.

    Has the clutch pedal snapped or broken somehow?

    Anyway, good luck


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  4. roblatus

    roblatus Guest

    Thanks for the description. The cable has snapped near to lever on top of the gearbox. Managed to get the car home by starting it in gear. Bit scary at times though:wow:

    not got a haynes manual but going to get a clutch cable and have a go.

    Thanks again.

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