Replacing all the internal & external bulbs with LED's? Possible, anyone done?

Evening all, just doing my yearly shake down of our 95' MK1 k11 .... it's come back from daughter No. 3 and wife will be using it (they bought a Q3 ...ok for some) and was just wandering about LED's?

Having replaced every bulb in the house with LED's down the cooker hood .... kid you not .... we saw good reductions in consumption and I wandered if it was possible to do all the bulbs in the Micra?

Not keen to spend a fortune but would like to do it right. Don't really want to replace entire clusters, more just bulb swaps.

Interested in anyone's experiences here and wandered how far I could take it .... not just headlights but all the read and internal bulbs?

Also interested where I could get them from? For the domestic market, there are loads of folks doing house LED's of all types but I've had less luck so far doing the same for the car ... would like to do the same on our old 106 as well. We use it for long Euro trips and anything I can do to reduce battery load would be great.

I'm sure one of you has looked at this and keen to learn from anyone who has been down this road.

All the best and thanks in advance
I've found that the cheap Chinese led headlight bulbs to melt or burn out quite quickly. I also had problems with led stop/tail lights back feeding and keeping my high level brake light on. Also they weren't bright enough with the stop illumination part imo.

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Hi Agent Smith .... yes this was my fear. Having jumped early with domestic bulbs when they first came out, it was only last year that the quality and spec was such that I did the entire house .... very successfully. This feels a like bit similar to about 5 years feels like something to do but that the knowledge and product quality isn't quite there.

I've just got a couple of cheap reg plate ones and a center interior one .... they look "ok" but impossible to tell .... they are as you say in a zip lock bag and from China ..... the odds are not high.

I'd really like to find some top quality ones and try them. Also I thought there might be a specialist site out there selling top draw ones but so far it's only ebay fodder.

The search continues ...... Thanks for the feedback
I have fitted Xenon headlight and side light bulbs, LED number plate bulbs, LED interior courtesy bulb, LED's for the speedometer cluster and heater panel.

They are all available on Ebay. I will send you a message with the links to them :)
Super stuff, thanks for that - just replied to your message.

Are the cluster lights an easy fit? All lights currently work well enough, I'm not looking to customise or suchlike, just to try a better product.