Replacement Water pump recommendations


So my CG13DE mini has been running (300kms or so) well since I got the engine in until:

Today heading back to home and the temp spiked a bit (not seriously hot) which was unusual as the day was cool and normally when up and going the temp was sitting on half way. (Side mini rad makes for temp spikes when stationary but the fan comes on at around 90 degrees)

So I pulled over and checked her out...

Coolant sprayed all over the drivers wheel arch, Uh oh,

So I checked all the coolant pipes, heater, TB, rad in and out, water-pump O ring, all nothing.

Until I found coolant in the small hole under the pulley on the water-pump, so reading on here and it seems the water pump internal seal has gone, the engine had been out of the car and not running for almost 5 years so perhaps the seal hardened. Anyway new water-pump.

I'm going to check with the Nissan dealer on a OEM water-pump but they all seem to be very expensive, so are there any recommendations among the aftermarket water-pumps. Or are they all much the same...

Options seem to be: