Replacement Head Unit issues

Hi, from a new member.

I've come across this forum trying to solve a problem as follows, and really hope someone will be able to help.

My daughter has just bought her first car - a 2001 Nissan Micra with a radio/cassette head unit. Her boyfriend has bought her a new Alba CD head unit as a replacement and its my job to fit it....good old Dad eh?

I bought the correct wiring harness which fits perfectly, and all the wires match up except for an extra orange wire leading into the lower iso plug (the power plug) The same plug also has an extra black earth lead with a metal ring connector at the end.

The problem is that the head unit does not power on at all - there has been no spark of life from it whatsoever. The fuse looks good. The manual for the head unit does say that some car models may require an extra power harness, but I can't see that being the case here as the power leads all seem to be present.

Does anyone have any ideas? Faulty head unit? Extra orange cable is the problem? Loose earth lead needs connecting somewhere?

Any help gratefully appreciated
The micra grounds through the chasis, not a ground cable as such, so connect it up to some metalwork, there are a few threads on this if you use the search)


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Being a 2001 you may wish to avoid connecting the earth cable to the metal work in the middle of the car as any surges will cause damage to the airbag.