Removable interior question

Does anybody know if the colour coded plastic that rust from passenger side above the controls and under the steering wheel around the drivers side heater can be removed and painted black? It's so ugly looking


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it was supposed to say 'runs from the passenger side' that will teach me to check what i write ahaha! do you know how?
Hi Josh mate do you mean the centre dash facia the surrounds the heater dials or the lighter coloured facia that surrounds it?? :)

Andy :D
If you're talking of that silver fascia in the middle with the radio in it then yes it comes off, and very easily so.

Its just four little philips head screws, two facing upwards where the radio is and another two on the bottom piece near the ashtray if I remember right, shouldn't be too hard to find.

I think you are on about the whole "bluish" dahs bit on yours though, yes that comes out, it is a bit of work though I'd think, not taken one out myself but if you have a Haynes to hand it should have that covered!
The bluish part is just a painted part of the dash. So you have to take the whole dash out. Not a big job. Id say go for it, i did mine glitter black
Yeah I mean the bluish part on the left of the picture it matches the car but I want it all black inside thanks boys

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mask it all up the best ya can and do it in car, a lot easier than taken the dash out.