Remote fob to work with '98 K11

My recently acquired late 1998 K11 facelift 1.0 GX came only with one non-standard key [Silca] with a red chip and no remote function.

My car seems to have an 'alarm' box [see attached photo] 20160101_153910.jpg with what looks like aerials [wire] coming from it - I assume these are for remote operation.

Is the communication frequency 433.92MHz or 418MHz ?

Will any of the below units work with my car ?

Thanks in advance

I have two 1999 Micra Inspirations, one has separate fobs the other like the key above, I've no idea if they're interchangeable though.
I did manage to sync a new remote part of the key to the car with the on off procedure, it was a few years ago though, I remember it being a bit of a faff.
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Hi davyboy

The electronic speedo with rev counter is still working well.
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Mines a 2002 facelift, if i remeber correctly there is nats and nats 2 maybe the fobs are different for each one? If i can help oit anymore let me know
I think the NATS and NATS2 refers only to the immobiliser chip in the key. There are different 'colour' chips for the relevant immobiliser type, I have a red one, there are also blue and green.

The remote control uses at least 2 difference frequencies, 418.??MHz and 433.92MHz and possibly different protocols for different models. It is written that the K11 Micra remote control units are also compatible with N15 Almeras, P10 Primeras and others.