Refinishing Original Steel wheels

Hi again. Following on from the re-spray advice request .... same again for the steel wheels.

I've done the grind them down with a angle grinder and wire wheel and spray them up with silver paint routine many times and they look good for a while and then the dreaded rust marks come back.

I have the original steels with the original dome center caps and again like the bodywork, they are pretty good but would like to make them really look the business.

Worth to do a home job, grind down, rust proof and hammerite up etc or better to get shot blast and properly painted by a skilled outfit? And if I did that (very much a loss leader) then any ideas on cost of doing?

Or indeed is there a better way to do a quality home job? Happy to do the work and take as long as required but want to take the finish up to a higher lever.

The dome caps are remarkably good but of course has some minor ageing given they are 24 years old. Is there a method and a plastic paint solution that can take them back to near original finish?

Again any detailing and finishing advice would be really welcome. Have learned (and continue to learn a huge amount on MSC ..... and in fact way beyond just the K11 itself) and thinking many of you will have done these detailing exercises and others I've not considered yet.

Car is an odd ball .... it's not concourse or mint but for a car that's been used and abused to death it's still a very stock eye turner and with some extra effort it will definitely be an excellent example. Often get notes left on it asking if want to sell etc so thinking it deserves just that extra level of attention this year.

Thanks again
I did mine black several years ago and they never rusted since, but they also werent too rusty in the first place (i don't even think i sanded, just cleaned and degreased and used brake cleaner)

cost-wise it might be worth just replacing them, I plan to get 4 new steelies and tyres for mine before this winter
Should be able to get nearly new looking ones for around £20 a piece. That's what I did since two of mine were basically completely brown.

Then sell your originals and make a profit!