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Red for now rat

Random pics to get up to speed.

Twin webers
Jeep head lights
Mk1astra gte front panel
Corsa gaz coilovers all round
Corsa top mounts
K11 hubs
K11 wishbones
K11 brakes
Civic radiator
4-2-1 exhaust mani
New k10 1.2 alternator
New stage 1 ga16 clutch
15" pepper pot style steel wheels
New thermostat
Nee thermostat housing
New belt
Refirbed steering rack
K11 track rod ends
New oil pressure switch
New coolant sender
New lighter pulley
Stainless overflow tank
Stainless oil catch tank
New washer bottle
New spark plugs
K and n oil filter
Custom mounts
Custom gear linkage
And I'm sure there is more!