Recall: ECM software

Anybody else receive a letter recalling their Micra due to a software fault?

Mine is a DIG-S (2012), and its reported in the letter that a problem has been detected, under certain start conditions and driving over 3600rpm, incorrect adjustment of the throttle by the ECM results in unexpected surge in acceleration.
I got that, got a facelift 8-2013 dig-s.
It's already fixed. Left the car at the dealer and afther half a day I could pick it up.
Didn't notice any diffrance..
I haven't received any letter but when I took my 1.2 non DIG-S CVT to the dealer they've flashed it with a newer software saying that there was a general recall.
Chances are the cvt recall was a separate matter, my mother recieved a letter which fortunately she passed on to me to have the reflash done.

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Mine is a manual. It went in before, was expected to leave it for a day but they refused a curtsy car. I am fed up with that dealer anyway so said they either did it now or I take it to another one. 25 minutes later the key was back with me and I was on my way!

CVT will be a different issue, this resolves a problem with, I assume the throttle butterfly staying or incorrectly opening above 3600 rpm!